About “The Mix”

Our goal is to bring together food, dancing, and fun in a wonderful atmosphere. We found InterclubAcademy
of Dance and fell in love with the beautiful floors, full kitchen, and elegant surroundings.

What to Expect at a “Mix” Dance

At every “Mix” dance, snacks and beverages and great music provide all the ingredients for an enjoyable Pornofree night out. Want to bring your favorite wine or adult beverage? Feel free—we bring ours too. The dress is casual—we want you to enjoy the night in comfort.


The music mix is provided by April Prince or Ken Dillard who both cater to the crowd of the evening. superiorbet ibebet.com If you are a west coast swing dancer, you are in luck as April is a nationally recognized and award winning west coast swing DJ. Ken Dillard is the two-time winner of the Swing City Chicago DJ challenge and also has experience with national dance conventions. If you are a ballroom dancer, jitterbug dancer, salsa, or country dancer at den här lönen med aktiv skuld hos kronofogden inlägg av xn--ln-pengar-52a.se/, we have you covered—just let us know what you want to dance to as we take danceable requests.


Two beautiful wood floors with ample seating for all.


Cheese, cookies, and other selections are provided along with a mix of beverages.


We look for quality instructors for west coast swing and other dances. Is there a particular dance you want taught or a particular instructor? Let us know. Lessons are usually at 8 p.m. and include bdsmvids.net and a separate beginner and intermediate/advanced class.

Special Events

We strive to bring in the best national instructors and entertainers. Previous national instructors have included:

  • Matt Auclair
  • Erica Berg
  • Barry Jones
  • Mike Konkel and Sheli Shroeder
  • Mario Robau
  • Erica Smith
  • Markus Smith
  • Pj Turner
  • Stephen White

Contact Information

Phone: April Prince (708-609-6030) or Ken Dillard (630-200-8237).
Email: info@theMixdance.com


Interclub Academy of Dance
7350-52 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Niles, IL 60714