First Mix Throwback Night on May 11th With Williford Teaching

Lamarr Williford

West Coast Swing has been happening in Chicago for over 20 years!  Join us as we celebrate our musical history with this trip down memory lane.

Your Intermediate/Advanced instructor for the night is Lamarr Williford.

He has been dancing since 2011. He started with Latin dances, taking Salsa, followed by Bachata. Shortly after, he started taking WCS. While Salsa continues to be a favorite, he became hooked. After, a few routines, some competition, and making his way through the ranks, Lamarr decided to focus on teaching and community building. He believes that, in order for dance to grow, community and exposure are very important. Now he focuses most of his time on spreading the joy of dance!

Your Beginner Class instructor for the night is Jennifer Czech.

The evening will include:

  • the 8:00 intermediate-level lesson with Lamarr;
  • the 8:00 novice-level lesson with Jennifer Czech (floor 2);
  • a mixture of throwback West Coast Swing song (and other dance style) favorites;
  • dancing until Midnight;
  • one of the best dance floors in the suburbs at Downer’s Sand Club;
  • and a great bar with flavory drinks and food to choose from.The doors open at 7:30 PM.

We’ll see you on May 11th!

Open Dancing

Dance the night away from 9:00 PM until midnight.

The Cost for the Evening

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  • Lamarr’s Intermediate/Advanced Level West Coast Swing Workshop (8:00 PM)  – $8
  • Jennifer’s Beginner class – $5
  • Admission to The Mix Dance – $9
  • Special young adult pricing (cost applies to open dancing):
    • 10 and under: Free
    • 10-18: $5

Dinner Before the Mix

Before the dance, a few of us will get together at Downer’s Sand Club to eat, drink and enjoy each others company. Feel free to stop by and join the group. “Downer’s” is located at:

Downer’s Sand Club
1211 Butterfield Rd.
Suite B
Downers Grove, IL 60515