Learn to Bend the Slot with Mumford on December 14th

Jeff Mumford

Between headlining West Coast Wednesdays (WCW) on December 11th and 18th, Champion-level dancer and instructor Jeff Mumford steps up to headline the December 14th Mix dance.

“We know that West Coast Swing (WCS) is a slotted dance,” Jeff says. “But among all of the classes and patterns, and moves we’ve learned, have we ever thought about bending and stretching that slot and adding some newfound creativity (to the dance)?”

“During my return to the Mix this month, we’ll learn more about bending the slot Mumfurious Style, and making it look cool in the process.”

Enjoy the December Mix dance with some quality dance time with friends during an evening that includes:

  • a novice lesson from Chicago’s own Jen Czech;
  • music from Hall of Fame DJ Beth Bellamy.

The Cost for the Evening

  • Jen Czech’s Beginner workshop (7:00 PM)  $5
  • Jeff Mumford’s Intermediate/Advanced Level West Coast Swing Workshop  (8:00 PM)  – $8
  • Admission to The Mix Dance – $9
  • Special young adult pricing (cost applies to open dancing):
    • 10 and under: Free
    • 10-18: $5

Dinner Before the Mix

Before the dance, a few of us will get together at Downer’s Sand Club to eat, drink and enjoy each others company. Feel free to stop by and join the group. “Downer’s” is located at:

Downer’s Sand Club
1211 Butterfield Rd.
Suite B
Downers Grove, IL 60515