Smooth Moves with All-Star Eaker at January 25th Mix

Toro Eaker

All-Star dancer Toro Eaker makes her Chicago teaching debut at the Mix on January 25th. Toro is known as an incredible dancer who has some of the most silky smooth moves in West Coast Swing (WCS).

“I adore smooth, continuous movements,” Toro says. “In my class (at the Mix) We’ll cover how to make your movements in WCS look smoother, as well as covering how leaders can listen better, and followers can speak more.”

Toro will also be available for private lessons while she is in town. Please contact her through Facebook to set up a time.

Kick off your 2020 West Coast Swing journey strong with:

  • Toro’s ‘Smooth Moves’ class;
  • Music from Hall of Fame DJ April Prince.

The Cost for the Evening

  • Toro Eaker’s Intermediate/Advanced Level West Coast Swing Workshop  (8:00 PM)  – $8
  • Admission to The Mix Dance – $9
  • Special young adult pricing (cost applies to open dancing):
    • 10 and under: Free
    • 10-18: $5

Our Location

The Mix is located at:

Downer’s Sand Club
1211 Butterfield Rd.
Suite B
Downers Grove, IL 60515