Syncopated Styling Highlights Ramsey’s Class on Feb. 29th; Bogdanel to Teach Novice Lesson

Harrison Ramsey

All-star West Coast Swing (WCS) dancer and instructor Harrison Ramsey teaches at The Mix on February 29th.

“As we start to ramp up for the Chicago Classic, let’s continue to grow and expand our West Coast Swing (WCS),” Harrison says. “I’m excited to see everyone as we break down syncopated styling and how it complements our WCS patterns.”

“You’ll improve your perception of syncopations, and how they can add a range of options to your footwork and patterns,” he says.

While Harrison teaches the intermediate-level-and-above class on the main floor, Elena Bogdanel will spearhead the novice class to get new(er) dancers on the floor with some WCS basics on Floor 2.

Both classes run from 8:00-9:00 PM that evening.

Open Dancing

Dance the night away from 9:00 PM until midnight.

The Cost for the Evening

  • Harrison’s Intermediate/Advanced Level West Coast Swing Workshop  (8:00 PM)  – $8
  • Elenah’s Beginner workshop (8:00 PM) $5
  • Admission to The Mix Dance – $9
  • Special young adult pricing (cost applies to open dancing):
    • 10 and under: Free
    • 10-18: $5

Our Location

The Mix is located at:

Downer’s Sand Club
1211 Butterfield Rd.
Suite B
Downers Grove, IL 60515